5 ways to help animals on International Animal Rights Day

Started in 1998 on the 10th of December, the International Animal Rights Day has the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights in its roots. On this day every year, animal rights activists across the world further the cause of compassion towards animals, and seek to bring an end towards rampant animal cruelty and exploitation to create a world in which all animals are respected and protected. 

Here are five ways you can help animals starting this International Animal Rights Day: 

  1. Go Plant-based
    Switching to a plant-based diet, either forever or partially, remains one of the best solutions to stop animal suffering. Refusing to buy animal products and using plant-derived alternatives decreases the demand for animal products thereby preventing the  breeding and slaughtering of farmed animals. Learn more about why and how to go plant-based here.
  1. Be a supporter
    Volunteering with NGOs, animal shelters, and animal rights organizations is a good start. Volunteering for activities such as leafleting, awareness stalls, etc help in reaching a large number of people thereby creating a change in the society. Imparting values in school would help children imbibe kindness for animals at a young age and create impact across generations. If time is a constraint, you can help animals by donating or creating fundraising events for animal rights organisations. 
  1. Create Awareness through Social Media
    With social media dictating most of our lives, spreading the word through online platforms is a great way to create a far-reaching impact. Conducting social media campaigns through images and videos and collaborating with NGOs and animal rights advocates and activists can help more and more people gain awareness about the cause. A simple act of sharing an educational video or a blog can go a long way. Furthermore, unfollowing and not supporting known animal rights defaulters is also a way to take a silent but firm stand.

4. Ask Governments to take action
Seeking animal protection reforms from government bodies and agencies is a sensible way forward to reduce animal suffering. Signing petitions which promote positive legal changes against animal suffering. Using legal channels for reporting facilities helps in prosecuting individuals that are cruel to animals. Sign our petitions to reduce suffering of animals in the chicken, egg, and dairy industry. 

  1. Question Companies
    Question food companies and shops about their products and ingredients, shop consciously, and ask for plant-based alternatives. Furthermore, ensure that food companies use measures to reduce suffering of animals. Join our group of Animal Defenders which demand for change from companies.

Following these steps, we can build a world in which animals are respected and protected. After all, it is our duty to respect all life forms. So let us be compassionate and considerate toward all animals. On that note, we wish you a very happy International Animal Rights Day!

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