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Our successes have helped millions of animals around the globe.

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Selected achievements

We want to share some of our national and international achievements with you. Without your support none of this would be possible, thanks for being on the side of the animals!


Preventing elephant deaths due to train hits

Animal Equality’s suggestion of a sensor device to prevent elephant deaths due to train accidents was accepted by the Government of India. The device has been developed and is in experimental stage as of Oct 2016.


Ban on bull performances

In a landmark victory a nationwide ban on all performances of bulls including bullock cart races was introduced by the Supreme Court in May 2014 following the efforts of Animal Equality and other groups in the Supreme Court.



India became the first country in the world to implement a nationwide ban on the importation of foie gras. This was a direct result of Animal Equality’s investigations.


End the Sacrifice

The Government of India on request of Animal Equality issued a directive to restrict the movement of animals across Indo-Nepal border during the Gadhimai festival of Nepal. Thus, 80% less animals (large) were slaughtered compared to the previous festival.


Law Commission of India issues new Rules

In July 2017, the Law Commission of India issued a detailed report addressing the transportation and house-keeping of egg-laying hens and broiler chickens. The report included a list of recommendations proposed by Animal Equality to improve the welfare of hens and chickens raised for food in the country.


Supermarket chain COOP stops selling foie gras

Following an Animal Equality investigation and campaign, supermarket chain COOP becomes the first market in Italy to ban the sale of foie gras.



Animal Equality’s investigations in China succeed in closing a dog slaughterhouse and 33 dog and cat markets.


Fewer lambs consumed

Animal Equality helps reduce the consumption of lamb meat in Italy by 40% in 2014, and a further 50% the following year.


Historic sentence handed down for cruelty

After we revealed horrific animal cruelty on El Escobar farm, the trial against the four defendants finds them guilty and sentences them to the longest sentence allowed under law.

United Kingdom

Dairy worker convicted of animal cruelty

Shocking cruelty to cows and calves documented by Animal Equality investigators results in the conviction of a dairy farm worker.

United Kingdom

Gloria rescued from cruel chicken farm

During an investigation into British chicken farms, Animal Equality investigators rescued a weak young bird who had been thrown into the dumpster and left to die.

United Kingdom

Closure of Harling pig farm

Shocking cruelty documented by Animal Equality results in the closure of Harling Farm and the prosecution of its workers for animal cruelty.


EU Parliament votes to protect rabbits

Following an extensive investigation into rabbit farms in Europe and strong media campaign by Animal Equality, Members of European Parliament vote to move forward on a proposal to ban cages for rabbits.


Animal Equality makes history in Mexican Senate

Together with seven senators, Animal Equality introduces historic legislation to protect farmed animals in Mexico from cruelty and abuse.


Cruel foie gras farm fined

The Momotegi farm that supplied foie gras to one of the world’s most famous restaurants, Mugaritz, exposed by Animal Equality.


Rescue of six piglets

In August 2007, five Animal Equality investigators rescued six baby pigs in broad daylight. This was the first ever open rescue done inside a Spanish farm.


Rescue of Vita

Following an investigation into the Chinese dog meat industry, Animal Equality investigators rescued pregnant Vita from a lifetime of suffering.


Rescue of hens

In 2013 our team rescued six hens from a hen farm in Germany. These social and delicate animals now enjoy a life in freedom in a sanctuary.


Rescue of two lambs and their mother

In December 2009, Animal Equality rescued a mother sheep and her two newborn offspring. Instead of being separated and ultimately killed, they now had their freedom.


Rescue of Basilico

In May 2015, and as part of its Save a Lamb campaign, Animal Equality rescued Basilico from a farm in Italy. In collaboration with the Italian sanctuary ‘The Green Place,’ we stepped in, and Basilico was immediately fed, taken care of and brought to an animal sanctuary. He now lives his life surrounded by compassionate people who will take care of him.


Rescue of Finn

In December 2016 Animal Equality rescued Finn from a chicken farm in Germany. Finn had been disposed alive and left to die until Animal Equality stepped in, saved him and took him to a sanctuary in Germany.


Rescue of 11 hens

Animal Equality rescued eleven hens for International Animal Rights Day in December 2010. These one-and-a-half-year-old animals had spent eleven months trapped behind bars with no access to natural light.