The Danger and Cruelty of Live Animal Markets continues unabated

The Investigation

Last year a pandemic virus emerged that has altered our way of life.

In April 2020 we released a video of live animal markets of India exposing the public health crises these markets cause, as well as the intense suffering inflicted on farmed animals.

We continued our investigation during the pandemic and were appalled to witness that despite the dangers of live animal markets on public safety, they continue to operate unabated.

The animals at these markets suffer not only from mistreatment, but also from a weakened immune system from the stress of their transport, confinement, and unhygienic living conditions.

They suffer due to overcrowding and are deprived of food and water, sometimes for days.

Slaughter is carried out without stunning, with the animals left to agonize for minutes after their throats are slit.

There is no health inspection conducted before the animals are slaughtered at these markets.

Carcasses are prepared and sold for human consumption in the most filthy and unhygienic conditions.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India prohibits meat shops from slaughtering animals but it is rampant across the country.

Despite their danger, these places are still open to the public, drawing massive crowds of people, and worse, continuing to trade and brutally kill animals of all kinds.

For animals, these markets spell misery. For humans, they represent an immediate threat to our health and safety.

For the sake of everyone, it’s time to ban live animal markets once and for all.

Please, sign our petition calling for a worldwide ban of live animal markets and share this campaign with as many people as possible.

Together, we can make the world a safer and more compassionate place.

Help Us Ban Live Animal Markets 2020

In 2020, Animal Equality launched a worldwide campaign and petition calling for the immediate closure of live animal markets across the globe. In exclusive footage shot by Animal Equality at live animal markets in China, Vietnam and India, animals such as deer, raccoons, crocodiles, dogs, goats and chickens are shown living in filthy conditions, suffering from dehydration, starvation and disease. These markets are also a threat to public health and have been the source of documented disease outbreaks in the past, including SARS.

Help Animals, Try Love Veg

Taking animals off your plate will prevent hundreds of them from suffering their entire lives, will help the planet and benefit your health.