Chicken production blatantly violates animal welfare and food safety laws

A second investigation by Animal Equality brings to light the practices followed by chicken farms that violate animal welfare and food safety standards.

What we saw

What we need

This is Animal Equality’s second investigation into chicken farms. After exposing the cruel and illegal practices on chicken farms in 2017, Animal Equality presented its finding to the government along with a list of recommendations to reduce the suffering of chickens. Animal Equality has also requested the government to:

Introduce in-ovo sexing technology

Animal Equality has also requested the government to introduce in ovo sex determination technology. Male chicks are killed in disturbing ways- by grinding, drowning, burning, crushing and suffocation, or fed alive to fish. Over 180 millions chicks are killed in such a brutal manner every year. This mass unnecessary torture and killing is in direct violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Form a committee to monitor welfare

A committee to monitor welfare of animals should be assigned at every district and taluka level which will be working under the central animal husbandry department.

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