Top 5 documentaries to watch

Whether you want to switch to a plant-based lifestyle, or convince someone else to do so, or you are generally curious about the whole furore about plant-based living, there is considerable research and several books that you can turn to. While books and written material is plenty, it often misses out on the very important visual element. Thus, documentaries are an excellent way to understand these concepts through the camera lens. The actual pain and devastation that is caused by humans on animals become all the more evident when viewed through documentaries thereby inspiring us to take action.

Learn more about animals and how we can protect them through this list of top 5 documentaries. 

  1. Seaspiracy

From the creator of Cowspiracy, Ali Tabrizi, the recent groundbreaking documentary Seaspiracy has become a viral sensation. The documentary discusses the vast amount of environmental destruction of oceans as a result of human activity and over-fishing. The creator examines the impact of human activities on the seas and underwater life. We can see how the oceans are polluted with plastic and fishing nets. Activities such as bottom trawling and illegal fishing or hunting is causing irreversible damage to the oceans and marine life. This could affect the entire planet. The documentary also explores the idea of sustainable fishing and how we can protect our oceans.

  1. David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet

This incredible documentary may not be about veganism but has created global environmental awareness with regard to human consumption patterns. It talks about life on Earth narrated by none other than David Attenborough – the most renowned nature documentary presenter. For over 90 years, he has witnessed the beauty and challenges of life on our planet. The documentary will surely leave you in awe and make you question your food and lifestyle choices.

  1. What The Health

This vegan documentary was created by the people behind Cowspiracy. This hard-hitting documentary will make you question the pharmaceutical industry and the impact that drugs have on us. The makers highlight the nature of official health organizations and how they promote pharmaceuticals and animal-based foods that clearly impact us and the environment. This documentary will open your eyes about big pharmaceutical corporations and how it is a huge money-making machine.  

  1. Earthlings

This 2005 documentary may be explicit, but it is a must watch. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, this documentary focuses on how humans treat animals. The documentary may leave you sad about the situation. However, it truly sheds light on the suffering of animals caused by lab testing, factory farming, breeding, and pet stores. Hidden cameras reveal harrowing footage of animals in utter pain, which we are not even aware of. 

  1. My Octopus Teacher

This documentary shows us a beautiful and meaningful relationship between the filmmaker and diver Craig Foster and an octopus. The documentary covers the filmmaker’s interest in the octopus over its entire lifespan. The film focuses on the octopus and its relationship with its environment. The underwater world can sometimes be calm, but sometimes it can be an exhilarating adventure. Dealing with unique subjects such as interspecies communication and overcoming an injury, this unique documentary teaches us to be kind to animals and shows us how we can learn from nature.

The final cut

Filmmakers go above and beyond to bring the truth in front of their viewers. These documentaries do just that from extremely unique perspectives. Watching these films will help you get a better idea about how intelligent animals really are and how we can help them by choosing compassionate living over animal-cruelty.

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